March 25, 2020


REVEL & COVID-19 RESPONSE PLAN Updated 25.3.2020


To our wonderful community of revellers! As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we want to let you know that our family operated brewery is doing everything that it can to minimise the potential impacts of the virus to our community whilst balancing the need to keep our operations moving forward.


This is a very challenging time for all businesses across Australia with unprecedented times ahead of us. At Revel, we pride ourselves in looking after our people and providing the best services we can for our community and we will be doing our best to continue this during these hard times.


As you will know, small businesses rely so much on your support and we ask that if you are able, to please buy local and support our community of small businesses.


We wanted to let everyone know what our efforts look like in managing our small business and its services in order to keep our staff and community healthy and happy until things begin to return to normal.


Below is a list of activities we have implemented to keep things as smooth as we can during this hard time.


Retail Closes & Pivot to Pickups & Delivery with “Revel Online”


  1. We have closed our retail outlet and moved to a full online pickup and delivery service. We here at Revel see the opportunity to shine and have innovated every part of our business model to bring you the best craft beer and food experience right to your door! Order here https://revelbrewingco.com.au/pages/beer-deliveries
  2. We have created a clean and safe pickup/order point at the front window of Revel to ensure the social distancing rules are in full force and keeping our community and staff as safe as possible.


    1. Delivery & Pickup Food & Beer & Wine, 7 Days, 4PM-8PM (order online https://revelbrewingco.com.au/pages/beer-deliveries or phone order available 07 3899 5470)
    2. Delivery Revel Beer - 7 Days, 4PM-8PM, and same day delivery for orders in before 1pm)
    3. Pickup Beer - (pickup only) Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM, Sat-Sun 12PM-8PM



Uber Eats & Deliveroo


  1. We value diversity - Our food delivery partners are focusing very heavily on delivery partner non-contact delivery and increasing their own already stellar hygiene practices. Revel is committed to working closely with our partners to ensure the food is kept safe and sound (our pizza is cooked nice and toasty in our 420 degree celcius wood-fired oven too which helps!)
  2. These delivery platforms are limited to food only - no alcohol deliveries are permitted


Our new italian pizza, pasta and bread menu!


  1. We are embracing change, and have never been more excited to bring Revel to you through our new Revel Online capability supporting click and collect & home deliveries and beer, wine & food!
  2. We are pushing the limits of our wood oven, and embracing Pietro’s & Adam’s (our Italian chefs) full culinary capabilities and launching our brand new Italian pizza, pasta & bread menu with Revel Online!
  3. A very old school Italian cuisine, something you would find in nona’s kitchen (#nonnaskitchen). We have put a lot of love and passion into what we are doing and really pushing a slow cooking style to develop the most amazing flavours possible! “I’m cooking the pappardelle like I watched my Nona cook when I was 5 years old” Pietro.


Increased Cleaning Activities


  1. Revel always maintains a high cleanliness standard but are increasing cleaning efforts across the board with staff being asked to sanitise all surfaces, from benches and tables to door handles, every hour;
  2. Staff have also placed hand sanitizer around the venue and are washing hands and cleaning surfaces after contact with anything the general public use or touch.


Staff Health & Hygiene


  1. Our team have impeccable hygiene practices already; however, we have increased mandatory hand washing for 20 seconds with soap for all employees multiple times per hour and as necessary;
  2. Any workers who are even slightly showing any flu-like symptoms are required to stay at home;
  3. Regular staff briefings are being conducted before/after shifts to perform retrospectives on the previous day trading, lessons learned and perform cleaning checks and audits of increased activities;
  4. Community discussion is encouraged to talk through the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our team and the community;
  5. Regular team updates provided by management on the ongoing updates and changes to the environment to ensure all staff are up-to-date and have the most relevant and accurate information possible.


Beer Production


  1. Cleaning is 90% of the art of brewing and our head brewer Matty is well versed in this art! We want to assure you that we are using all the right gear and practices to ensure your beer is free from contamination, high quality and tasty as ever!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your current and ongoing support! We wouldn’t be here without you!


Stay safe.

Jay Neven


Revel Brewing Co. Bulimba