It’s no secret – at Revel, we love our dogs.  We love your dogs.  We love all dogs.  In fact, the dog to pup-parent ratio is nearly 50/50 within the team, and that’s something we’re a little bit proud of.

When we set out on creating our brewery, we wanted to make the place friendly and welcoming for our customers and their four legged family members.  Not many establishments realise that for some people their pups are very much a part of the family… so we offer pup-parking through our beer garden, fresh water to keep your buddy cool and hydrated, and of course plenty of attention from our staff and customers.

One of our team then had a fantastic idea… to use some of our spent grain to bake some cookies.  He did a bit of googling, there was some trial and error (mostly trial it has to be said, much to the delight of our fur babies!) and he created what have now become our super popular Revel Dog Bikkies.  The ingredients are simple and all natural, and we believe if they are good enough for our collection of furry friends, they are absolutely good enough for yours too!

Matt’s “secret” recipe is, in his words, pretty simple and he bakes batches of fresh cookies in our wood-fired pizza oven, especially for your dogs.  And the best bit?  They’re absolutely free… while they last!