Revel Bulimba local craft beers

Award winning best beer in Queensland 2018


Brewed in Bulimba, The Oxford Pale Ale celebrates bringing brewing back to Bulimba! while paying homage to the street our brewery proudly sits on.

A New World Pale brewed with fresh ingredients from Oz & NZ with some fruity US hops thrown in for good measure!

Pouring a deep golden orange from the use of Pale, Munich crystal malts, who provide the base of this beer. A generous hopping regime using Australian Cascade, Mosaic & CTZ hops gives the beer a delightful fruity citrus aroma inviting you to drink! On first sip a light biscuity sweetness gives way to a dry & bitter finish creating a super tasty Pale Ale that will have you coming back for another!

Style: New World Pale Ale
Malt: Pale, Munich, Crystal, Gladiator
Hops: Cascade, Mosaic, CTZ
Yeast: San Diego
Appearance: Golden orange with a creamy off white head
Aroma: Fruity Citrusy hop character
Flavour: Initial malt sweetness, finishing dry with a lick of bitterness coming through
Alcohol: 5% abv



Revel IPA Craft Beer Bulimba

Big on character, born & bred in Bulimba is a beer that’s sure to be loved! A simple malt bill that is powered by some fruity resinious hops createsan aromatic and flavoursome beer that is also a bit too easy to drink. A beer that will have people arriving by ferry in their droves!

Style: India Pale Ale
Malt: Pale & Munich
Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic
Yeast: US Ale
Appearance: Golden with a very light haze and creamy white head
Aroma: Fruity, Tropical fruit & citrus dominate up front with a slighly piney resinous character  coming through
Flavour: Almost like drinking a glass of tropical fruit punch with an oily mouthfeel and bitter finish
Alcohol: 7.5% abv




Revel Summer Ale Craft Beer Bulimba

Paying homage to the legendary tradie’s who with plenty of blood sweat and tears have built the brewery at Malt Brewing Co for us in Bulimba.

The Tradies Summer ale is the perfect thirst quencher. Light in colour having been brewed with Aussie Pale malt & Wheat. A fruity aroma provided by the hop bill of Amarillo, Ella & Galaxy used late in the brewing process to provide plenty of flavour with minimal bitterness and a dry finish making this a tasty refreshing ale and a great summer beer!

Style: Summer Ale
Malt: Pale, Wheat
Hops: Amarillo, Galaxy, Ella
Yeast: US Ale
Appearance: Straw with a light haze and a creamy white head
Aroma: Summer fruit – Stone fruit, Passionfruit, Melon, Pineapple
Flavour: Initial Pilsner malt sweetness finishing dry with a big burst of hop flavour
Alcohol: 4.9%
IBU: 22





ABV 9%
To celebrate our humble little brewery's 1st Birthday, we brewed a beer for all the good people that have helped us make it this far! This one's the big brother to our much-loved Revel IPA, but with more hops and of course an imperial strength ABV. The People’s Beer! Enjoy!




Revel Lager Craft Beer




As an endless QLD summer rolls on, the locals after a hard days work wipe the moisture from their brow and thirst for a refreshing beer. Brewed in the heart of Bulimba just a stone throw away from the ferry terminal and paying homage to those who traditionally built the boats along the Brisbane River ‘The Shipwright’ Lager is the perfect quaffer after a long day. Brewed with the finest German pilsner malt that provides a beautiful ‘bready’ character, overlaid with fresh New Zealand aroma hops Motueka and Wai-iti which add a hint of spice and ‘mojito’ like characters, all fermented with a clean lager yeast, the end result a slightly hazy flavoursome lager perfect for an afternoon tipple.
Malt: Heidelberg, Wheat, Vienna
Hops: Motueka, Wai-iti
Yeast: Cry havoc
Appearance: Straw with a light haze and a creamy white head
Aroma: slightly bready up front with hints of spice and zesty fruit coming through
Flavour: Initial Pilsner malt sweetness finishing dry with a cleansing bitterness
Alcohol: 5%
IBU: 25





In a land of almost endless summers, a dark storm sweeps through to provide a balance between dark and light, inspiring our Oatmeal Stout. A smooth and luscious beer, brewed with a selection of specialty malt, this beer is the perfect balance between flavour and drinkability. Enjoy!
Standard Drinks = 1.6
Style: Oatmeal Stout
Malt: Ale, Munich, Oats, Crystal, Sheppards Delight Roast Barley, Roast Wheat Hops: Super Pride
Yeast: English Ale
Appearance: Deep black with a contrasting white head
Aroma: Biscuit, chocolate, coffee, roast
Flavour: Biscuit malt sweetness up front with chocolate & coffee shining through finishing with an assertive bitterness
Alcohol: 5.5% abv







A Dainton/Revel Brewing Co Collaboration

When two lads from Shepp', the heart of the Goulburn Valley, get together to brew a beer, the results are a super tasty and refreshing beer. Inspired by the fruitful region, our Gose is naturally salty and sour, and has the special addition of passionfruit and lychee. Often enjoyed amongst Gosebruden.

ABV 4.5%

Standard Drinks: 1.3


"We took a lazy Sunday drive out to Stanthorpe a year before opening the brewery to meet David & Roslyn Sutton of Sutton's Orchid developed a relationship for the ongoing sourcing of the freshest apples for our delicious and all natural farmhouse cider! If you've not been to Stanthorpe to see what David's got going on, please do, and try the Apple Pies... they are delish!"

Bulimba Cider is an approachable 4.5% ABV, is lightly sweet with a balanced dry finish that keeps you coming back for more!