LIMITED - Heritage Haze 4.2% - 16pk

LIMITED - Heritage Haze 4.2% - 16pk


LIMITED - Heritage Haze 4.2% 

After 100 years, in 2017, Revel brought brewing back to Bulimba. In 2021, we reactivated the Historic Acetate of Lime Factory in Morningside with our second Brewery & Restaurant! 

The Revel Rivermakers brewery is a heritage-listed, red-brick building, purposely designed by chemist and brewer Auguste de Bavay for brewing and fermenting in 1917, which produced acetate of lime from molasses, contributing to Australia’s ammunition manufacturing. 

With various uses over the past century, including immigration housing, various military uses, and the residence of Hans Continental Smallgoods, the site has sat dormant for over a decade until Revel brought it back to life in November 2021! For further information on this historic site, please scan the below QR code and come visit the new Revel Rivermakers Restaurant!

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