For our eagle-eyed regulars, you may have noticed that what was once Malt Brewing Co. is now Revel Brewing Company. Rest assured, we’re still the same small Bulimba brewery, making the same fresh beer and baking the same fresh pizza. We just have a fresh new name.

Why? Well, we don’t want to say too much about it really other than another brewery (albeit they are a lot bigger than us) politely sent a letter informing us that they believed we were causing brand confusion of one of their existing (trademarked) brands. We were told by some very smart legal-type people that we had a case to stand against, however not wanting to ruffle any feathers in the industry, and certainly not wanting any long drawn out legal wranglings (we are too busy brewing good beer for good folks to be bothered with all that nonsense) we agreed that we would take the high ground and change our company name. We figured if it worked for Maurice Micklewhite, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, and Eric Marlon Bishop, it would work out okay for us!

So we are now known as Revel Brewing Company because we don’t just love making craft beer, we revel in it! The most important thing about what was once ‘Malt Brewing Co’ was our fresh, locally produced craft beer and the friendly atmosphere at our Bulimba brewery; and we promise you, we won’t ever change that!

Good people drink good beer!