A Revel-ation on Oxford Street

Raising a glass from Bulimba, Revel Brewing Co. embodies Aussie spirit and zest. Anchored on the buzzing Oxford Street and branching out to Morningside’s storied lime factory, we aren’t just about beer. We’re a blend of history, craft, and that unmistakable Brissy vibe. Dive in, take a sip, and experience a whirlwind tour of flavour, passion, and the echoing sounds of revelry. Welcome to Revel, where every pint tells a story.

Bulimba Brews & Beginnings

Revel’s heartbeat? That’s Oxford St in Bulimba. It all started with a dream in 2016. Jay Neven, our fearless founder, envisioned a craft beer haven, paying tribute to Bulimba’s rich brewing legacy. Merging past tales with modern passion, Revel became a reality. Today, we’re not just a brand; we’re a tribute to Bulimba’s beer-filled pages. So, next time you sip a Revel brew, you’re drinking a piece of history.

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From Awards to Morningside Marvels

From awards, like the “Best New Brewery” in 2018, to expanding horizons, Revel’s journey is anything but ordinary. Morningside’s iconic lime factory? That’s our next chapter. Despite challenges, by 2021, Revel Rivermakers Restaurant opened its doors. Celebrating both Bulimba’s brewing tradition and Morningside’s historic charm, we invite you on this adventure. So, here’s an open invite: Experience our tale, flavour by flavour, and jump aboard the REVELution!

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