MEDIA RELEASE Revel Brewing Co. Expansion - 23/01/2020

Bulimba’s multi award-winning, Australian-owned and independent Revel Brewing Co is excited
to announce the expansion of our operations due to popular consumer demand. The new site
will remain in the Bulimba electoral district and be located at 82 Colmslie Road, Morningside
within the historic Commonwealth Acetate of Lime Factory.

We revel in creating hand-crafted, locally-brewed beers that are bursting with personality and
flavour. If you’ve followed us over the past two years since our opening on Oxford Street in
Bulimba, you’ll have seen that we love to support our community with events and
collaborations with local businesses. We are therefore thrilled to announce that our expansion
is in collaboration with local, family-owned developer, BMI Group. This collaboration will bring
our community not only a wonderful new brewery to produce more of our high quality,
independent craft beer, but also a fully catered restaurant and tap room inside the historic
Acetate of Lime factory located within BMI’s exciting new Rivermakers development!

The Acetate of Lime factory has a deep history of its own which was designed by notable
brewer and chemist Auguste de Bavay, with production commencing in 1918. Australia’s best
mate Auguste De Bavay had worked for a number of breweries (Fosters, Swan, Cascade,
Carlton & United) so was fit to design the Acetate of Lime Factory which essentially had to
make an 8% beer (from molasses in Cairns, QLD) before it was further processed into the
Acetate of Lime product that contributed to Australian self-sufficiency in ammunition
manufacture. Auguste De Bavay then went on to donate the patent to the Commonwealth of
Australia and shortly after received an Order of the British Empire from King George V!

From here, the building and location continued to be an integral part of Brisbane and
Australia's history. Between 1943 and 1948, the building was used as a Royal Australian Navy
base. In 1949 the building was repurposed and used as a hostel for British and European
immigrants. This use continued until 1965 and was widely recognised as helping to shape
Australia's diverse culture that we see today. Shortly after 1965, the imigartion center closed its
doors and one of its previous residents, Hans Van der Drift, moved his Hans Continental
Smallgoods business to this location. Hans Continental Smallgoods remained at the site until

At Revel, we love our community and we are thrilled to be able to grow our small brewery in a
way that is re-activating a piece of Brisbane’s history. We are working closely with State and
local governments to bring the noble practice of brewing back to this important landmark. We
can’t wait to share further details of this new site as plans progress and then to celebrate with
our community when we open!

We will be keeping our current Oxford Street location in the heart of Bulimba and will continue
our collaborations with small and local businesses. We plan to grow our amazingly talented
team and expand our award-winning limited release range of beers every month!

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our good mates at BMI Group for working so closely
with us to get to what is the beginning of a very exciting next chapter for Revel Brewing Co!

For more details in the months to come please stay tuned for updates on our website,
instagram, or facebook pages!

Jay Neven
Founder/Director, Revel Brewing Co.