We are thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated release of our hero beer, Pacific Haze, here at Revel Brewing Co! At the heart of our brewery lies the passion to craft exceptional beers that embody the true essence of revelry and celebration. Pacific Haze, our flagship creation, is the epitome of this vision. 

Inspired by the majestic Pacific Ocean, this brew is meticulously crafted with the finest Australian malt and a delightful blend of hops from Oceania. Its mesmerizing yellow haze and tropical fruit flavors make it the perfect companion for life's most unforgettable moments. 

From milestones to everyday joys, we're on a mission to introduce Pacific Haze to Australians and make it the go-to beer for every celebration. So, join us in raising a glass to life and to moments worth cherishing - with Revel Brewing Co, great beers for great moments are just a sip away! 

Pacific Haze is available at all good bottleshops in South East Queensland or at either of our brewpubs in Oxford Street Bulimba, or Revel Rivermakers in Morningside! Cheers!



Jay Neven

Founder and CEO

Revel Brewing Company



Hugh Doyle

National Sales Manager

Revel Brewing Company