At Revel, we love brewing good beer for good people. We love our community and we also love our environment. We don’t like waste! Our skilled team makes every effort to avoid, reduce and recycle waste throughout all aspects of our operation, which includes sending our spent grain to BeefBank and making those delish doggy cookies for your puppers!

It may come as no surprise to learn then that Revel Brewing Co. is also nearly 100% powered by the goodness of the sun! Every tank, refrigerator, fan and light bulb takes what it needs from the massive array of solar panels located on our roof. We believe that business, both large and small, have a role to play towards our transition away from the wasteful dirty stuff and we are very proud to play our role in that!

The Queensland Government is on a mission to hit a target of 50% renewable energy generation in the State by 2030 and we are certainly happy to be part of that initiative. After all, we are in the Sunshine State…. it would be rude not to!