BLUE ROCK NZ IPA 6.5% - 4PK  (Limited) with Limited Edition Glass

BLUE ROCK NZ IPA 6.5% - 4PK (Limited) with Limited Edition Glass



Upgrade Your IPA Experience: Craftd Glass. Co-Branded IPA Glass with a 4-Pack Purchase!
Elevate your IPA enjoyment with a specialised IPA glass! For a limited time, purchase a 4-pack of your favourite Blue Rock NZ IPA and receive a FREE IPA glass, perfect for savouring the full flavour profile of your chosen beer.

Inspired by a recent trip across the ditch for the Hop  Harvest, Revel has joined forces with Clayton Hops to bring you a NZ IPA hopped with their innovative  Amplifire hop pellets & Oil. The first hop grower in NZ  to produce cryogenic pallets & hop oils which as the name suggests, Amplify is already the outstanding Kiwi flavour & aroma in the beer. For this one, we’ve used the classic hop trio Nelson Savuin, Riwaka & Motueka,  which combine beautifully exhibiting citrus, stonefruit: gooseberry & a whiff of dank. Wrap your laughing gear around this one while it’s fresh. Chur! 

(Limited Edition)

ABV: 6.5%

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