LIMITED - Brewer's Lounge CGX IPA 6.5% - 16pk

LIMITED - Brewer's Lounge CGX IPA 6.5% - 16pk


Revel x Bintani Collab - Brewer's Lounge CGX IPA 6.5% - 16pk

Born of inspiration from our recent pilgrimage to Craft Beer Conference (CBC) in Nashville, sitting down in the Crosby Brewer’s Lounge musing upon the delights on offer in the city that doesn't sleep, we have come together to create the 'Brewers Lounge - CGX IPA’.

Utilising CGX hops, which undergo cryogenic separation from whole-hop cones to extract concentrated lupulin pellets teeming with resins and oils, we aim to achieve the utmost hop flavour in our beer. We have carefully selected El Dorado, Strata, and Belma hops, known for imparting immense tropical, strawberry, and cannabinoid vibes. 

This beer is a collaboration among Revel, Bintani, and Crosby Hops. It’s best savoured in the cosy confines of the Brewers lounge or any locale that warrants a delightful beer!

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